We go to an absolutely fabulous church! It’s small, but not too small. We have great leaders, there are great families with similar interests. Everything is God-centered, as it should be. Every sermon is directly in line with scripture, as it should be.

I will admit, I used to feel very insecure when we were not in church. If we missed a service I felt guilty. I felt like everyone thought poorly of me. I was worried that people would think I wasn’t such a “great Christian.”

Did anyone catch the problem in any of that? I was worried about whatย people thought ofย me.ย 

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

We have been pretty over committed lately. It’s not my favorite place to be. At all. It wears J and I thin, it wears our children thin.

So, when we woke up yesterday to a very rainy Sunday morning, knowing that our busy afternoon was most likely going to extend late into the evening, we declared that it was the day for “home church.” And, by the way, home church can be done piled on the sofa with our Bibles, blankets, and children. In our pjs. Or it can be done on a picnic blanket in the grass. Or on the beach, watching the waves lap over our feet. And, and, and. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We read a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible. Just as a side note, this is the best children’s bible that I have found! And we have read alot of them! ๐Ÿ™‚ We did a little Q and A with all of the children. CoCo answered some questions that I had given them on her own. I helped Pinky, and Lu decided that he wanted to draw a slide that he could go down really fast. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then we let the little ones go play with J and I read out of the “grown up bible” with CoCo. We read from Matthew 6, which was where our story from The Jesus Storybook was pulled from. We would read a few verses and then pause for discussion, then continue reading. We all three contributed.

It was not only a special time of studying God’s word together, but it was also productive. And, as much as we love and enjoy our church, I believe it is was the Lord wanted from our family yesterday. It was what our family needed. We needed to slow down, catch our breath. Being still isn’t always what we are good at, but sometimes (ha- really, all times!) it’s what we need more than anything. We weren’t pressured to explain our absence. I didn’t have that old, gross, man pleasing attitude that I once had.

Thankful that we know and believe that He is everywhere… not just in the building waiting on Sunday morning to arrive once again.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.โ€-Joshua 1:9

Two weeks later…


So… I hope that this is the last post about my “girls.”

It’s been two weeks since my surgery. My drains came out a week ago, I finally got the (really itchy) bandages off.

I’m feeling great.
Everything fits better.
My body is much more proportioned.

I feel very… free!

It’s funny (not really) that 12 years ago I made a change that I thought would solve everything! I really believed that it was the ticket to my self esteem and selfimage issues! Just typing that sentence screams part of the problem… selfIt’s not about me. It’s about him. Breast implants were making it about me.

When I look back on my behavior soon after getting the implants, I must have completely reeked of insecurity! I began acting in ways that I had never acted before and I think that the implants just sent me in that direction full speed. Looking for acceptance and approval in all of the wrong places. With all of the wrong people.

All I have to say is praise you, Lord for not letting me go!

I think that what I thought would be the answer to all of my problems only amplified my problems.

The answer to my problems (and your problems) doesn’t come in anything that we can buy. It doesn’t even come in the people that we love.

The answer is Him.

Some comments from my children “you feel better to hug now.” “mommy, it’s easier to snuggle you now.” “you look alot better without that plastic in your body.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Running is easier, yoga is easier.

Being who God created us to be is no joke. When we start altering ourselves to suite us then we are getting in the way of His work. I know that it’s very hard when movies, tv shows, magazines, advertisements are all screaming perfection at us and it’s really just a surgery away! It’s hard when people that we love are encouraging it. It’s hard when everyone you know seems to be doing it.

We had the opportunity to worship with the Church of Brooks Hills on Sunday. One thing (well, let’s face it- lots of things) that David Platt said really hit me hard. “We must reject worldly rationalizing.” We have to start taking sin as sin, not rationalizing “little” sins and overlooking them because they are “little.” When I altered my body by having breast augmentation I was sinning. Starting with being ungrateful with what the Lord gave me, and then not taking care of my “temple.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

This post has turned out to be much longer than I intended!

Really, all I needed to say was- I feel great, in and out. I feel the light of my Father shining on me. I feel peaceful and I feel free. I’m very thankful for the support system that I have. I am thankful for courage.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2



This made me sick when it fell out of the inside of my newspaper (with the other coupons). I had to do alot of cropping to not reveal who the attorney is. Really??? Coupons for a divorce!? There were three on the card.

The worst part?

There was a “fish” on the card.



“we caught a bird!”


After a long and very fun day at the zoo, J and I were preparing dinner together this evening. The kids were outside, running off some energy that they some how managed not to completely get out at the zoo… Wish they’d share their secret with me because I was sapped!

I heard alot of hollering and some commotion, running closer to the door. I peeped my head outside just in time for an almost out of breath CoCo to say “we caught something!” I immediately put up my guard and asked “what?” I was expecting something long and… yucky. Pinky is behind CoCo at this point, proudly holding up a butterfly “house.” Inside the butterfly house was a frightened and loud bird!

“whoa!” I said, as Pinky proceeded to waltz right into the house with the birdie, “y’all have got to let that thing go!” Pinky plops down the butterfly house (we have got to give that girl a lesson in gentleness, by the way!) and starts to open the top right there, in our kitchen!

“whoa!” I said again. ๐Ÿ™‚ “if that thing gets loose in the house we may never get it out!”

So, out onto the back porch we go, the kids are all squealing and chattering about this bird and house cute it is, house it’s wings are flapping so hard, and oh look, it has a talon (thanks, Napoleon Dynamite) stuck in the net! Pinky opens the top and birdie just flaps. It was not stuck in the net anymore at this point but that little thing was not coming out!

The dog was pacing around the butterfly house at this point so I thought it might be better to take the thing out into yard and let it go. I tell them to gently carry the butterfly house out in the yard and open up the lid but don’t hover over the top because you are not going to be happy when that bird flies straight into your face!

They take off into the yard, Pinky is still carrying the thing and she is holding it behind her, letting it blow in the wind.

I really did not think that the bird survived its trip across the backyard.

After about 10 tries on Pinky and Lu’s parts, the butterfly house couldn’t stay upright and open. Poor birdie was getting loud. J finally went to assist. He turned the house onto its side and opened it. Poor birdie was not coming out. It was so scared!

Finally, it fell out with a thud was gently helped out. ๐Ÿ™‚ By a precious little one who once again reminded me that she needs some lessons in gentleness.

Once birdie was in the yard, crying its little eyes out, the novelty wore off and the little kids took off to find something else to get into.

It was then that I actually thought to ask CoCo how did she catch the bird!

“well,” CoCo explained, “we were all playing and noticed that the little bird was hopping, then I got a little closer and I realized it wasn’t going to fly away. So I thought, this is a really good time to show everyone that I can catch a bird! And, I caught it!” I really did feel sad for that bird. Poor thing hadn’t moved and was just chirping so loudly! But, I couldn’t help but laugh. CoCo is long and lanky, I could totally see her being able to sneak up on a bird and actually catching it!

After almost an hour I went to check on the bird, I was getting a little worried. It hadn’t moved! It just sat in the grass squawking. I just knew that it had been injured beyond repair in that butterfly house. I went into the garage and got a handful of birdseed. I scattered it on the ground in front of the birdie and it hopped! Then it hopped some more. And then here comes CoCo with the dang butterfly house! Ha! “I thought since it’s so cute and it’s too hurt to fly, we could keep it in here tonight?”

That would be child talk for I am manipulating you and trying to let you keep a wild animal as a pet.

I don’t fall for that! And J for sure doesn’t a, ๐Ÿ˜‰

Birdie got a lil’ motivation when she saw CoCo with the little house! Hop, hop, hop and birdie was under the fence. Hop, hop, hop and birdie was a few feet from our fence! I never did see birdie fly away but she seemed to be moving. Hope that she was finally able to flap her little wings again and warn all of her birdie friends not to land in our yard!



A Heart Changing…


When we first began our adoption with Lu, we kept the news to a fairly small group of people. We knew that the process could take a long time and it just wasn’t something that we wanted to be constantly updating people on for the estimated 12-18 months! Once our paperwork was turned in and in Ethiopia, when the real wait began, we’d tell everyone.

Well, only two days after our dossier was turned in we received some very special news! Something along the lines of it’s a boy!

Of course, we were thrilled! And wanted to shout it from the rooftops! And we did… But only in our small circle. Now it felt kind of odd that we hadn’t shared with many people! Everything just happened so much more quickly than we could have imagined (which was awesome!) and so, along with our announcement of sharing that we were adopting, we also had a photograph of a precious baby boy to share!

So, as we shared our wonderful news, we were met with mostly excited responses! Lots of surprised people but almost all were happy and excited!

There were some that we’re not excited though. And some were hurtful.
Not really because we were adopting, everyone seemed supportive of that.
But because Lu had brown skin.

I will say that we did expect some reactions like these. But, it didn’t take away the fact that it hurt to hear. I really and truly thought that seeing Lu’s face would change the hearts of some that we heard these comments from. And it did.

But seeing his sweet face wasn’t enough for everyone. And my heart felt broken, but we knew that we were following the Lord here and we knew that that wasn’t always the most popular or easiest choice.

Who can not love a child? Once we brought him home from Ethiopia and people met him, I was just sure that they’d love him!

But I was wrong.

And my heart was broken. Really and truly.

Our precious boy. With a personality bigger than the moon! A laugh that could make anyone smile. Huge bright eyes and big happy smile. He would give anyone a high five, a squeeze around the neck, or a thumbs up. Almost everyone that met Lu just melted.

Except for the one from whom rejection hurt the most.

Lu would approach and this person would turn a shoulder. Lu would hold out his hand for a “five” and this person would pull their hand away. Lu would try to share from a bowl of popcorn and this person would yank the bowl from Lu’s level… I could keep going. Sometimes this person seemed tolerant. Not often though, and it only lasted for a moment before that tolerance wore off.

I went from annoyance, to anger, to confused, to disgust, to bitter, to just plain hurt. And then relived all of those emotions all over again.

This person, who I held in such high regard, disliked our son. A baby. Because his skin is brown.

This person, who I thought could have walked on water right along side Jesus, had hatred in his heart.

Lu never noticed.
The girls never noticed.
I am so very thankful for that!
So many times I prayed that their hearts would be protected and God has been so faithful!

In March J and I shared our testimony in relation to Lu’s adoption with our church.

After we shared, we opened up for a little Q and A.

We were asked some great questions! Wheels were turning and hearts seemed to be stirred. ๐Ÿ™‚
And then came a question that we were not prepared for.

Someone asked if we had any family or friends react negatively to our adoption announcement. Specifically because of Lu’s skin color.

The room was quiet for a moment. And then I answered, “well, to be honest, some people were not happy.” I specifically named the one person whose heart had still not changed, a year and a half later, and I said “but I had to make a decision, was I going to please my Lord or was I going to please… (specifically not naming this person in the post for privacy reasons). And I had to choose my Lord. And that’s been hard. … means everything to me and … still reacts negatively to Lu.”

J told me later that he couldn’t believe I said that. He couldn’t believe that I answered that way and when I opened my mouth and said “well, to be honest…” he was just thinking “ohhh boyyy.”

But it was the truth. And if anyone in the church that day felt their heart being stirred to adopt, I wanted them to know that they might have people who totally shock them by not embracing their decision… or even their child… Not to talk anyone out of it, just so that they know it is possible for someone we love so much it hurts to carry hatred in their hearts.

I would like you to know that three weeks later, on Easter Sunday of all days, the day that we are reminded that He makes all things new, we saw a heart that seemed changed.

I was guarded. Waiting to scoop my little love up before he could even be shown any hate.

But I saw something different.
I saw interest. I saw kindness.
I saw a smile that was real.
I noticed that when Lu was off playing that this person was watching Lu, with a soft smile.

The next time that Lu was around was two weeks later. I approached guarded. My hopes were not high that we would see a replay of Easter.

The Lord must have been shaking His head “oh you of little faith!”

Again, Lu was met with kindness. Encouragement. I overheard this person bragging about how Lu can hit the ball without a tee (it is pretty impressive, hehe). Commenting about how fast Lu runs and how well he rides his bike. All while watching our boy with a smile.

I am sure that it will take some time for this fierce Mama to let her guard down. We might not have even seen the last of the yuck.

But for now we are so thankful to see that a heart is changing. A heart that I have just grieved over. A heart that I began to wonder if it just physically could not change. He is making it new.

“Behold, I make all things new…” Revelation 21:5

Almost a week later…


Tomorrow will be one week post-op.

I still have drains in, I am very uncomfortable.

If it weren’t for the drains, I think I’d be around 97%! My incisions are only a little sore- the place where the drains are attached are very sore! Feels kind of like a teeny cut that you didn’t know you have and then lemon juice or salt gets on it and suddenly it feels like a deep gash that may very well be the end of you!

So… yeah… pretty uncomfortable.

Those drains are hopefully coming out tomorrow morning!

How do I feel mentally?

If you want the honest truth?

I feel really, really great!

I feel very different and there have been moments when the enemy is trying to convince me of some nasty lies- but I know the truth. My FATHER created me in HIS OWN IMAGE. And that’s good enough for me!

Flat as a pancake and all! ๐Ÿ˜‰



I’m a private person.

I do like to share… but I like it to be on my terms.

I love reading people’s blogs… but putting it all out there for the whole world to see? That’s just not for me.

J is not private.

He likes to share and he will share anything. Even if people don’tย want to hear it (haha, love ya babe! ;)).

He likes reading blogs and he likes to blog.

He keeps his blog pretty private because of my own weirdness.

It’s been awhile since J has asked me, but I have heard him many times ask why do I want to keep our lives so private? Why do we not want to shareย God’s story?

So, this has been on my mindย alot lately.

I’m reading through “Pursuit of Proverbs 31” by Amy Bayliss and yesterday was reading about how we sometimes surpress and hinder our gifts without even knowing it. Maybe something happened in childhood to make you feel like your gift wasn’t worth anything. Maybe someone laughed at you so you gave up. Maybe you just felt like you weren’t any good so you gave up.

Growing up Iย loved to write! I had notebooks upon notebooks filled with stories that I wrote! And, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up! Our little CoCo does that now and I just love it! Love seeing her imagination work and love seeing her eagerly fill her notebooks! The part that really struck me in “Pursuit…” was when Amy said “if we hinder our own gifts then what example are we setting for our children?”


Somewhere along the line,ย I gave up. I’m not sure what happened but I just gave up.

I don’t want to see CoCoย (or our other children!)ย give up! I want to see them use the gifts that their Father gave them for His glory!

J has been after me to start a blog that can be kept public.

I have been resisting.

Of course, reading the “Pursuit of Proverbs 31” book is constant conviction about resisting my husband’s wishes. His wishes aren’t against God’s will, what business do I have resisting?!

I am also reading Laura Story’s book, “Blessings.” I just began and there in the first chapter she writes “as we consider the blessings God pours out on our own lives, do we see them as resources to hoard or opportunities to steward?”

I’ve been hoarding the blessings that the Lord has poured out in my life, in our family by not sharing and telling others about them. I haven’t been a good steward of these blessings.

Lord, please forgive me.

So, I have quite a few thoughts going through my mind. I have been praying for God to stir up and reveal any gifts that I’ve been suppressing.

I think He’s stirring up my passion for writing again… and I am making my blog public again…

The One With Too Much Information…


I used to love the show Friends! I loved the characters, the setting, the story line, and I loved how all of the shows began with the title “the one…”

So, I decided to borrow their idea for this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Twelve years ago I was in a very different place. I was dealing with some pretty heavily influential people in my life that did not have my best interests at heart most of the time.

That said, I am not blaming my situation on them. I take full responsibility, I made the final decision. But, I just felt that I should put that out there so that y’all would know what I was dealing with.

Example (I am said woman)
Said Woman “I think I’ll go out and… (really bad decision) today’s!”
Influential Person Who Didn’t Have My Best Interests At Heart “You should! Sounds fun! And who cares who gets hurt along the way?!”

So, back to twelve years ago.

I’d been dealing with some pretty heavy self esteem issues for awhile! I had (somewhere along the line) gotten the idea that bigger was better… at least in the b00b department. Other ideas were thrown at me, thank the Lord those didn’t all pan out! But, the big b00b idea panned out. I began researching cosmetic surgeons and finding photos of “racks” that I aspired to wear.

True story. Unfortunately.

I spent more time researching obsessing over what my new upper body would look like than I did focusing on some things that I should have focused on… such as the Lord, for example… Noo, I was much too busy running from Him!

Of course, there were some well meaning family and even friends that discouraged me having augmentation. But as the other people who encouraged me to have it said “didn’t they even care about my happiness?” After all, it was my body and my life and a bunch of other gross me, me, me’s!

Boy, was I wrong!

It’s HIS body, and while it is my life, it’s my life to use for HIS glory. Would bigger b00bs bring Him glory… doubtful.

I am sure that I wouldn’t have listened, but I wish that someone would have stood up to me and shook some sense into me! Here I was, getting ready to defile the body that my Father, my Creator, gave me. I wonder if someone would have put it to me that way if I would have listened.

So the day finally arrived! The BIG day! Boy, was I excited! I took in some photos that I liked and we settled on a set that resembled a famous lady whose name rhymes with Tracy and last name is after a holiday.

I had no idea what I was in for.

When I woke up, I felt like I had two tons sitting on my chest. I remember the nurse telling me to take deep breaths so that I didn’t risk pneumonia. I remember barely even being able to move. Swelling up to my chin. And I was freezing!

Getting into the truck was rough, because didn’t it make sense to drive a big truck rather than the car that I could have gotten into much more easily. Okay, that wasn’t nice… I’ll move on.

The ride home felt very long. And I felt very nauseous. And when I said this out loud I am certain that the one who choose to drive the fancy smancy big truck regretted driving it. Sorry, I really am moving on now…

At home I settled into the bed. And it hurt like nothing I’d experienced to even lay back. I never realized that my chest muscles were used for laying back. Or for sitting up, for that matter- because it hurt really bad to sit up too! And, I couldn’t even do it by myself! And it still hurt.

I finally was settled into a recliner where I slept for three weeks! Because it was the only way that I could rest and get out of a lying down position on my own.

My arms were basically glued down to my sides because every time I moved them I was in pain.

Basic every day things like flushing the toilet, rolling down the power window in the car (you know, pressing the button!) we’re out. Those things caused way too much pain. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t even wash dry, or put my hair in a pony tail by myself because my arms couldn’t lift!

It was a good six weeks before the swelling wasn’t up to my collar bones. And even then, it still wasn’t much below them!

I was prepared for the swelling, the pain, etc… But I really didn’t think it’d be that bad.

It was.

And the biggest difference, the end result, was me- going from not even an 32A cup to a 32DD.

If this doesn’t tell you where my priorities were, I don’t know what will… I was happy about that!

I was happy with the way that they looked.

They were huge. I was happy.

At the time, I felt that my self confidence soared! Looking back, I really think it took the deepest dive ever. I began behaving in ways that I never would have before. All in the name of male attention and exceptance and self worth. I began down a road that while it felt fun in the moment, not a single night was spent without loneliness. Not one.single.night did God not convict me.

Some nights I would lie awake, wishing I could pass out, but wrestling with my behavior and conviction over it.

So fast forward eight years and two babies later. Those “things” we’re out of control! I had alot of scar tissue complications and they were still almost up to my collar bones (by this point I excepted that it was no longer swelling!)! I wanted them smaller. I even kicked around the idea of having them taken out completely but didn’t think that mentally I could handle it.

All of that “extra” that was around my collar bones was rock solid scar tissue. I had no idea! I just thought that the implants were very hard.

So, I went smaller. Not as small as I would have liked (closer to a B cup would have been my preference) because the doctor felt that would be too drastic and I’d be unhappy. But, I went from around a 32DD (possibly bigger but no bra would fit any bigger)… to a small D/large C cup.

I was happy with the results.

For awhile.

The past year has been a struggle for me.
I’m finally facing the reality that clothes that fit well are difficult to find.
Bras that fit well are pretty much non existent- I am over the top and out the sides.
No one talks to my face. Well, some people do, of course, but more often than not, people (men and women alike, family and friends alike, strangers and… you get the idea) talked to my b00bs instead of my face.

Those things made me sad.

Not to mention, they attract and types of negative attention. And, I can only sleep in one position- on my back! It even hurts to sleep on my sides. And on my stomach- not a chance! It’s like laying on top of two balloons! They shift underneath me.

We live in the South! It’s hot hear! I can’t even wear a tank top without looking like a fluesy!

Then add in the practical stuff.
The implants have to be replaced every ten years or so. Some people say it isn’t so anymore- it is.
Scar tissue is starting to slowly reappear, which will ultimately give me the same up-to-my-collar-bones-look that I once wore.
Our fourth child will be here later this year- no telling how many we’ll have by the time these things “expire!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sooo, the decision has been made to have them taken out.
And not to be replaced.

The question that I’ve mostly been asked is this- “how does J feel abut this?”

He is happy. He is excited. He says he is ready for me to have freedom from this mistake that’s been looming over me. He is the most honest and opinionated person I know, and I know if he didn’t like the idea he’d tell me so. We didn’t know one another when I originally got them in 2000 so he wasn’t one of my “encouragers” for the enhancements. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another question is “will you tell the kids?”

Wellllll, I think they’ll probably notice! At least the girls!
I shared with CoCo last week. She look surprised that I had something that wasn’t real put inside of me and also relieved that big b00bs don’t really run in the family. Ha! No really, she was surprised and she smiled when I told her that I wanted to be natural. “like God created you, right?” she asked. “yep!” I told her. I love that she gets it.
I shared with Pinky today and nothing seemed to really click. She is a little young to understand and really, I only explained to her because CoCo was asking questions.

I’ve gotten alot of shocked expressions, alot of why’s, alot of good for you! Even a few “can I have them?” haha. I’m thankful for the support that I feel like I have this go around, that I didn’t have last time.

Today all of the paperwork was signed! Prescriptions for pain medications dropped off! Before photos taken! A big folder of instructions was sent home with me. CoCo read it before I did and informed me that I should not consume alcohol within 24 hours of the surgery. Lol. Love my little mama!

I’m not looking forward to the recovery- I will have to have drains this time. Haven’t had to have them before and am pretty much dreading them! But, I know they are for my own good and will help with the healing. Thankful for some great friends who offer to take care of the babies for us and for a husband willing to go through all of this with me again!

Looking forward to going back to the body that my Father created!
O Lord, you are our Gather. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8



That’s one way that I could describe myself at the tail end of our first year of homeschool.

Before I made the commitment to homeschool our children I was scared.

What if I couldn’t teach them?

What if we missed something very important that they were supposed to learn?

What if I needed more “breaks” than J could provide?

What if I failed our children?

Fear… it’s so ugly! The doubt that I had! So scared that I wasn’t enough… well, I was right.

I wasn’t and am not enough.

But HE is.

Through this school year I have learned that He really will provide.

Of course, I have learned this in other situations but for some reason it never crossed my mind that He would also provide when it came to teaching the kids!

This year is almost over.

Thanks to some great material- I learned how to teach them!

Thanks to focus… that could only come from my Father- I didn’t leave out anything important!

CoCo finished the third grade will straight A’s. She is so eager to learn, she is extremely focused and structured and grasps concepts quickly and just runs with them! She has always loved to read and I have always been so thankful for this! She has also had some pretty helpful ideas when it came to teaching Pinky! ๐Ÿ™‚ and, she really loves that she can come to school in her pjs if she wants to (some days…). We are finished with school but will continue throughout the summer with some “enrichment” type of activities. Last summer she won our local library’s reading contest- reading 77 hours total for the months of June and July! She is eager to sign up for that later this week!

I didn’t “do” grades with Pinky in kindergarten but she has finished strong- beginning to read, can do some addition in her head and definitely on paper. She has shown me that she really does love to learn. She has a different learning style than CoCo but she loves to learn! She is very determined. We will continue to work throughout the summer, just a little bit each day. Pinky has learned some important things that we want to be sure she doesn’t forget!

Lu attended a local “mother’s morning out” type of program this year. I was concerned that doing school might be really tough with an active little boy around. His little “school” has been great for him! But, I have also learned that when he is here the mornings that he doesn’t have school, he does so well! He just jumps right in, loves being a part of things.

The Lord provided exactly where we needed Him too, in all areas- even school! ๐Ÿ™‚ I put alot of pressure on myself and a wise (homeschooling) friend told me early on to be sure to not put any pressure on myself that wasn’t from the Lord. Good advice! With all of the blogs, pinterest, etc etc out there- it’s easy to get a big long to-do list going and end up feeling very inadequate. Blogs and pinterest are great tools! But it’s important to do what the Lord is showing you to do- not what He may be showing others to do. Thankfully I listened to my friend and very early on I let a few things go that we’re just… overkill… I sought my Father as to the things that I should be specifically working on with the girls… It wasn’t always perfect and there were some bumps. It was downright tough some days! But we figured out what worked for us, we gave the Lord our worries and once again, He sustained us.